Vandaag op de tap

  • Brand Pilsener
  • Skuumkoppe
  • Korbinian bock
  • Vedett White 
  • lindenboom Bock 2016
  • ABT Slurfke
  • Pelgrim bock






Rika van de Berg exposeert

Tot 12 december 2016 kunt u het op grotkunst geinspireerde werk bekijken.


23 oktober aanvang 14:00

Van festbier tot bockbier

Aanmelden noodzakelijk

leden €20/ nietleden €25

Nieuwe bieren

Westvleteren 6, 8 en 12, Two Chef's Howling Wolf, Pampus hoppy stout, Prael/Oedipus Rubberen Robbie, Crans Ciprianus IPA, de Prael R.I.S.,  de Prael tripel,  Berghoeve Zwarte Snorre, Witlov C, La Trappe Quadruppel, Astra pils, Moinette blond, Brand saison/UP/Zwaar blond/Lentebock, Jopen Mooie Nel/Jacobus


In the city centre of Den Burg, at the lovely isle of Texel, you will find our gastropub.
Since 1975, we serve drinks and food in a cosy ambiance. The style is well known as “bruin café  or “eetcafé .

We open at 10:00 and we serve lunches until 16:30 and diner starts at 17:30. For dining we are well known for our Texellamb dishes, spare-ribs, saté served with a fresh salad and french fried potatoes.Wines are specially selected to match with atmosphere, menu’s and are affordable too.
Our coffee is by Segafredo and our main lagerdraught is by Brandbier. We have always six different styles of caskbeers available.
As we are member of “de Alliantie of Beertapperijen” we have also an extensive list of bottled beers, from Texel, aswell as our own beers and beyond. Nearly all Trappistbreweries are present, as well as trendy beers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, the States and Germany. The “ABT” is a leading organisation on beerpubs in the Netherlands. We are also selected, in 2013 and 2014 for the top 100 of best beer bars in the Netherlands. Regularly there are beertasting events too, guided by our own beersommelier.

Our pub is a non smoking environment, were the music not too loud and the atmosfere is relaxed.
We are opened all year, and are looking forward to welcome you.

N.B. there is a english dinnermenu available at the pub


Weverstraat 20
1791 AD Den Burg - Texel
Telefoon 0222 312681


Ma- t/m Donderdag


10:00 - 01:30



10:00 - 03:00



10:00 - 03:00



17:00 - 01:30


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